Homeless Camp Comes Down

Homeless Camp Comes Down (Image 1)
Homeless Camp Comes Down (Image 1)

Last week, the City of Columbus shut down a homeless camp near Franklinton.

The area of Columbus is undergoing renovations, and is expected to be the next trendy area. But it also had a large homeless camp which had been there for years.

NBC4 visited with some of the residents the last night they were there.

“It hurts sometime, like when you’re sitting down at the gas station and we’re by the tree because they know we’re homeless cause we have nowhere to go it’s just the way people looks at you just because you’re homeless they look at you like you’re a different species,” Tiffany Litteral said.

A spokeswoman for the community shelter board said that most everyone in the camp had been moved out prior to the demolition, and that all had been offered assistance.

The camp was closed following concerns by neighboring businesses and concern for the homeless population’s well being.

But, they didn’t want to leave. The tarps along the trees were home.

“But out here it’s like a community,” said homeless advocate Bobby Osborne. “They all look out for each other, watch each others’ kids.”

NBC4 was also present the following morning when they all had to pack up whatever belongings they had, and move on.

At last check, it appeared that only two campers remained by the morning of the mandatory move.

One had moved to another camp on the north side of Columbus, and the other went to a shelter.

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