V4C: Meet Marquis Fraley

Age: 21

Hometown: Columbus

High School: Eastmoor Academy

College/status: 1 semester

Career: Employed 2 jobs

Hobbies: Basketball, Singing, Listening to Music

Favorite Singer: Lauryn Hill, Maxwell , Musiq Soulchild

Favorite band: Dont have one

Musical inspiration: Everything about music inspires me

Favorite place to sing: Shower and Work

How would you describe yourself? I get really nervous when I’m on a stage in front if people, so I don’t perform as well as I could, but other than that I would describe my self as out going and friendly, easy to get along with.

Why should I be the Voice 4 Columbus? If i were to win this would be one of the exciting thing that has happened in my life. I should be because i am a young man trying to make it in this world and take care of my family.

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