V4C: Meet Quin Bryant

Age: 22

Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee

High School: Northland High School

College/status: Currently not in college

Career: At Home Advisor for Apple Inc.

Hobbies: Singing!

Favorite Singer: JoJo

Favorite band: If I had to choose, it’d probably be Maroon 5. I don’t really have a favorite band.

Musical inspiration: Anyone who is doing what they love and making a living from it is my musical inspiration. I also draw a lot of inspiration from JoJo and her musical journey.

Favorite place to sing: In places with great acoustics! (Aka my living room!)

How would you describe yourself? I describe myself as optimistic and open-minded. I try my very best to learn from each and every experience. Whether it’s good or bad! I choose to be happy and positive. My friend’s would tell you that I think I am a comedian and am always making people laugh.

Why should you be the Voice 4 Columbus? The Voice 4 Columbus should choose me because of my talent. I have been singing and playing music all of my life and it has saved me in so many ways. I know that there are so many people in Columbus, let alone the world, that need to believe that possibilities are truly endless if you seek them out. For me, this would be a great validation that I am on the right path to the career that I want to have. I have grown so much emotionally and mentally and I want to show that through music. There is nothing I love more than the experiences and feelings that I get when I am singing to a crowd and I see them singing back to me and enjoying what is coming out of my mouth. Music is universal and it brings all of us together and there is nothing more beautiful than that! I have viewed myself as an underdog for such a long time and I am finally ready to live out loud and let people know who I am and what it is that I do, which is MUSIC!

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