V4C: Meet Sydney Arterbridge

Age: 17

Hometown: Columbus

High School: Fort Hayes

College/status: Accepted to Berklee College Of Music

Career: Student

Hobbies: singing, arts and crafts, playing with Make-up

Favorite Singer: Mariah Carey

Favorite band: The Flex Crew

Musical inspiration: My musical inspiration starts at home with my father. I’ve grown up around him singing reggae music and that has inspired me and influenced my musical style. I’ve also been inspired by artist such as Beyoncé, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey.

Favorite place to sing: My car

How would you describe yourself? I would describe myself as a fun, outgoing, creative person who embraces being different. I’m a very positive person who loves to encourage others to follow their dreams and that the best thing you can be is your self.

Why should you be the Voice 4 Columbus? I should be the Voice 4 Columbus because I am experienced and passionate. With anything I do I work my hardest to make sure it’s perfected. Performing is something that I love to do and that will definitely be reflected on stage. I love using my voice as a gift to give back to the community especially for children because I love little people. Columbus is my hometown and it has been my running grounds to grow as an artist, I would love this opportunity to continue to show love for my city.

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