V4C: Meet Tylon Fuller

Age: 25

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

High School: Fort Hayes MEC

College/status: Central State University

Career: Professional Dancer

Hobbies: Cooking, Bowling, Jamming with friends.

Favorite Singer: Donny Hathaway

Favorite band: The Robert Glasper Experiment

Musical inspiration: Nina Simone

Favorite place to sing: Walking down the street with busy traffic.

How would you describe yourself? I am a creative, soul-evolving, loving, ambitious human. New experiences and the process of making the unknown, known, excite me. I am driven by creation.

Why should you be the Voice 4 Columbus? Musically, in our millennial generation, we need artists to be bold, step out with a unique ability, and confirm that it’s OK to be different, with pride. I want to use my gift to impact hearts. I want to use it as an effective tool for the communication of our times. With becoming the Voice 4 Columbus, I’ll be able to reach a bigger audience and make a bigger quake in the city.

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