Explosive material left on school bus after training exercise

LOUDOUN COUNTY, VA (WFLA) – Parents of some children in Virginia were stunned to learn that explosive material had been found on a school bus – left there mistakenly during a CIA training unit exercise.

The CIA was using the bus as part of canine explosive detection training while the school system was closed for spring break, according to CNN. Parents of the children were shocked to hear the explosive material was discovered on a school bus.

“It’s very scary,” parent Kalbana Mansabdar said. “These kinds…you never know what happens.”

The more alarming issue is that students had been riding on the bus for two days before it was discovered by a maintenance worker during a routine check.

“It was in an engine block area so it kind of blended in with some hoses,” Loudoun County schools spokesman Wayde Byard told WJLA.

He said the bus served students at Rock Ridge High School, Buffalo Trail Elementary and Pinebrook Elementary before the device was discovered. The CIA said in a statement the explosive material did not pose a danger to bus passengers.

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