Video: Sports reporter accidentally rips pants during interview

WTNH sports reporter John Pierson, left, smiles during his interview with Connecticut Sun forward Chiney Ogwumike. (WTNH)

UNCASVILLE, Conn. (MEDIA GENERAL) – Reporters always do their best to get the story. Sometimes, however, they become the story – and it’s rarely for a good reason.

WTNH sports reporter John Pierson was interviewing Chiney Ogwumike during the Connecticut Sun’s media day Thursday. Everything was going great until, well, Pierson nearly “mooned the Sun.”

As part of playful banter with Ogwumike, Pierson bent down to touch the floor. Right away, Pierson knew something was wrong.

“I think I ripped my pants. I straight-up ripped my pants,” Pierson says jokingly. As embarrassment sets in, Ogwumike saves the day, taking the microphone from Pierson to finish the interview and jokingly sending him to the bathroom for a change of clothes.

Later, Ogwumike asks, “Is this real life? Are we about to go viral?”

Ogwumike also stepped in with the assist, blocking the photographer’s view as he moved in for the shot.

Pierson, ever the good sport, brought his ripped pants on set during WTNH’s evening newscast to show the audience his “small rip.”

WTNH sports reporter John Pierson shows off his ripped pants during Thursday's evening newscast. (WTNH)
WTNH sports reporter John Pierson shows off his ripped pants during Thursday’s evening newscast. (WTNH)

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