Adoption helps best friends reunite a world away


PLANO, TX(WCMH) — If you’ve ever wanted to see what pure joy looks like, watch this video of two best friends being reunited after a year of being separated.

In China, the only thing the two orphans had was each other.

But when Hannah was adopted by a family in Texas, she and her best friend, Dawson, were separated.

“They had so little connection and so little consistency that they had each other for those first formative years,” Hannah’s mom, Sharon Sykes told KTVT.

As the Sykes were in the process of adopting Hannah, all the updates they received on her included Dawson. Sharing her birthday cake with him, holding his hand, no matter what, he was right next to her.

“He was on my heart, and I was like so… Really I couldn’t stop thinking of him,” said Sykes.

So she turned to Facebook to try to find Dawson a loving home, and that’s where the Clarys saw him.

“I was gone for maybe 45 seconds, maybe it was two minutes, and then you said, ‘We’re adopting this little boy.’ I just said, ‘Ok,'” Christopher Clary told KTVT.

Nearly a year later, Hannah and Dawson are back together, inseparable, and picking up where they left off.

“They call each other brother and sister,” said Sykes.

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