14 missing pythons on the loose in neighborhood


HEPHZIBAH, GA (WAGT) — A Georgia woman is searching for 14 pet pythons after an acquaintance intentionally released the snakes into a South Carolina forest.

Jackie Heim thought her pet snakes had been released in the Woodlake Subdivision in Hephzibah.

“I was in the middle of moving and a person I’m just not going to mention right now was upset at me and did it, just kind of a childish thing, and let them out,” Heim said.

Sixteen total snakes were released, but Heim says she found two.

Now Department of Natural Resources officers say they’ve interviewed the person who released the snakes, who claims they were set free along a wooded stretch of I-20 in nearby South Carolina.

“Oh I’m very upset. I had my few hours of tears already over my snakes. I’m not sure if I’m going to get them back,” Heim said. “It’s a different kind of pet, but you do grow attached to them. You do grow affectionate for them.”

Animal Control says you don’t have to run from or kill these snakes. They’re not venomous and will probably run away from you first.

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