Belgian city builds beer pipeline


BRUGES, Belgium (WCMH) — A city in Belgium is about to open every beer lover’s dream, a beer pipeline.

People in Bruges love their beer, but not the trucks that transported beer from the De Halve Mann brewery to a nearby bottling plant. For years, hundreds of trucks have traveled the cobble-stone streets of the medieval city center to transport beer.

The pipeline will be capable of pumping 880 gallons of peer per hour to the bottling plant.

Renaat Landuyt, the city’s mayor hailed the initiative of the brewery for finding a better option to the noisy, damaging truck traffic.

“It’s for the first time that you have an underground pipeline for four kilometers (2.5 miles) under the ground, under a historical city, that is a pipeline for beer,” said Landuyt.

The pipeline cost $4.5 million to build, with about 10 percent of that financed through crowdfunding.

The last truck carrying beer from the brewery to the bottling plant was filled Thursday.

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