Dog recovering after eating a bag of heroin at doggy daycare


DENVER, CO (WCMH) — Police say a suspected drug dealer threw 17 bags of heroin over a fence at a doggy day care, where one of the dogs ingested the drug.

“You can’t process the fact that your dog ate heroin,” Laura, Charlie the dog’s owner, told KMGH.

You can’t see the suspect throw the drugs over the fence, but in video, you can see Charlie begin to munch on what turns out to be a bag of heroin.

In all, employees say they picked up 17 bags of heroin in the daycare’s room, and Charlie had to be rushed to the vet. Laura said when she got the call, she wasn’t sure if Charlie was going to survive. “I could have lost my dog yesterday because some stupid idiot decided to sell drugs, run from the police and throw them.”

But Laura credits the employees of the doggy daycare for saving Charlie. “The employee saved her life,” said Laura. “I know she’d be dead. I’m really happy she’s not because they were so fast-acting.”

Denver police said the suspect could face drug charges, and they continue to investigate.

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