Man recovering after 13-foot crocodile attacks him in Cancun


HOUSTON, TX (KPRC) — There are 200 stitches in his head, metal plates and screws are holding his jaw together.

Jonathan Schoeneman was attacked by a 13-foot crocodile while spearfishing in a lagoon in Cancun, Mexico.

Schoeneman, 34, grew up in the Houston area, but lives and works full time in Cancun. He had seen the crocodile before.

On September 1st when the crocodile decided to attack, Schoeneman found himself in the fight of his life.

“I just got this hand and kept punching it inside the mouth,” he said. “And then with this hand I was hooking his eyes. I could hear my bones cracking, just cracking all the time.”

The crocodile was crushing Schoeneman’s skull. He was able to grab hold of a tree branch, he started hitting the animal until it finally let go and swam away.

Badly injured, a friend helped Schoeneman back to their boat and they rushed back to shore.

He spent 12 days in a Mexican hospital and credits the doctors there for saving his life.

Despite the attack, he tells NBC affiliate KPRC-TV he can’t wait to get back home and he does plan to get back in the water.

“This does not scare me at all. I’ve been lost at sea, almost drowned countless times, I’ll never stop,” Schoeneman said.

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