Parents calling 911 when kids refuse to go to school


MT. MORRIS TOWNSHIP, MI (WCMH) — Police in Michigan are dealing with numerous calls from parents calling 911 when kids are refusing to go to school.

According to WJRT, one police department in Michigan received four different calls from parents in the last week.

“We respond to all 911 calls regardless of what they are. So if a parent calls us and asks us to help, we have no problem going out and trying to talk and help the parent resolve it,” said Lt. Matthew Lasky with the Mt. Morris Township Police Department.

Lasky said sometimes the calls are legitimate and sometimes they are just parents trying to scare kids.

“We have successfully mediated in the past, and we are a good option as long it’s handled the right way,” Lasky told WJRT. “We tell them how important school is for them, and not only that, but maybe helping them resolve or work through some problems why they don’t want to go to school.”

Therapists say finding out why a child doesn’t want to go to school is the key, and sometimes police are needed to resolve the issue with a child.

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