Community gathers to voice concerns about the death of Tyre King


COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – A community meeting at an East Side church turned tense Friday night, two days after Tyre King, 13, was shot and killed by Columbus police.

The meeting, held at Central Seventh-Day Adventist Church on 18th Street, became heated when event organizers said there wasn’t time to hear from everyone.

Hana Abdur-Rahim told NBC4 she was tired of not having a voice. Abdur-Rahim raised her voice in the meeting, screaming, “I am tired. The blood is on all of your hands.” She was escorted out.

Outside, she said, “They silenced us, and I’m tired of being silenced.”

Some questions were taken during the meeting by Columbus Police Chief Kim Jacobs, Mayor Andrew Ginther and Public Safety Director Ned Pettus.

“These are challenging and troubling times for us as a community,” Ginther said.

Neighbors asked for accountability. One woman pushed for an independent investigation into King’s death.

“I understand you might be concerned about a precedent,” the woman said. “Maybe the precedent is, this is a 13-year-old boy.”

But leaders said they couldn’t get to everyone’s questions. Tawanna Martin of Whitehall never got a chance to speak.

“The way we were treated tonight and the things that they have said, I don’t feel like there was justice or there [is] going to be any justice,” Martin said. “They should’ve let everybody voice their opinion.”

Martin said she’s lost two of her own children to murder and that her 13-year-old daughter recently had a run-in with police after she jaywalked.

“I want to tell the family I’m sorry and I’m praying for them and my heart goes out to them,” Martin said.

During the meeting, Mayor Ginther said that Columbus police officers will start wearing body cameras by the beginning of the year.

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