Restraining order against Franklin County Dog Shelter is dropped


COLUMBUS (WCMH) –A temporary restraining order filed to stop the Franklin County Dog Shelter from euthanizing more dogs in relation to a distemper outbreak has been dropped. This comes as the shelter reaches out for help to control the situation.

Deputy county administrator Erik Janas said shelter officials are partnering with the University of Wisconsin to test all dogs in the shelter for distemper.

The University of Wisconsin will provide all of the testing equipment and offered the use of their lab to provide the results of the tests.

“While we are going through this testing period this weekend and waiting for the results, we don’t intend to euthanize any dogs as a result of this testing process,” says Janas.

The shelter released an updated timeline on Friday, offering new details into when the three infected dogs arrived at the shelter and when they were diagnosed.

Doctor Jeanette O’Quin, along with a medical staff team, will run two types of distemper tests on the dogs. Those tests will then get shipped to the University of Wisconsin for testing.

“Many pieces of information come together to help us interpret these test results,” says Dr. O’Quin. “It is really not a simple positive or negative at all. Having all of those test results in addition to the other risk assessment that are ongoing will really help us make an informed decisions moving forward.”

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Right now, there are 174 dogs at the shelter, 111 of which are in isolation. Once those dogs test negative for distemper, they’ll be released for adoption.

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