Man rides Mean Streak 16,000 times at Cedar Point


SANDUSKY, OH (NBC News) — Friday is the end of an era at Cedar Point.

The amusement park will bid a final goodbye to the Mean Streak wooden roller coaster.

There’s one guy who will really miss the ride when it’s gone–Harry Sievers, who has ridden the coaster 16,000 times since it opened in 1991.

Sievers told WKYC that he has loved roller coasters all his life.

“When I was young, 9 or 10 years old, Eldridge Park (in New York) had a wooden roller coaster I rode constantly,”  he said.

His favorite is the Mean Streak.

“It takes about an hour to do 10 rides or so,” he said. “I come over later at night when it’s not as busy so I can get on and off.”

He even goes by the name “Mean Streak Henry” and has documented his achievement with an in-depth spreadsheet to calculate how many times he’s climbed aboard. He rode it 90 times one day.

After retiring in 2008, “Mean Streak Henry” and his wife have spent every summer traveling from their home in New York to stay at a campground all season just three miles away from the park.

“She won’t even ride Mean Streak with me, which I won’t make her ride,” he said.

But riding alone hasn’t stopped him. Each day the park is open, he proudly marches over to Mean Streak. Its rickety, rough experience hasn’t bothered him one bit as he approaches his 74th birthday.

“I ride the roller coaster. Keep riding the roller coaster. That’s the chiropractor. It keeps me in shape. It keeps my back in shape,” he said.

Cedar Point has started dismantling the coaster to make room for future expansion.

“Closing a ride is never easy for any of us at the park because we know there are people like Henry who love the ride,” said Tony Clark, Cedar Point spokesperson. “Every ride in the park is somebody’s favorite, but in order to progress in the future, build new attractions, change areas of the park, we have to make those hard decisions.”

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