Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown hopes to bring NCAA events to state


WASHINGTON D.C. (WDTN) – Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown wants to bring more NCAA events to the buckeye state.

Senator Brown says he’s contacted NCAA President Mark Emmert about bringing championship events to Ohio.

The NCAA recently pulled seven championship events out of North Carolina over the state’s so-called “bathroom law”. Critics of that law say it discriminates against the transgender community.

Senator Brown says he pitched Emmert on the benefits of Ohio hosting some of these displaced events. He says he used the City of Dayton as the model.

“I use Dayton as the example because it’s sort of the best known in Ohio,” Sen. Brown said. “He (Emmert) is in Indiana, the NCAA, and he knows, obviously the country, but he probably specifically knows the success of Dayton from hosting the regionals.”

“I want to give him a chance, I want him to think about Ohio and what it means.”

The University of Dayton already hosts the First Four NCAA Tournament games, and it’s hosted regional basketball events in the past.

The ACC recently pulled championship events out of North Carolina because of the “bathroom law”. The NBA also pulled the All-Star Game from Charlotte, moving it to New Orleans.

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