Teen accused of slapping 5-year-old on school bus


BAMBERG, SC (WAGT) — The lawyer representing a South Carolina teen charged with hitting a 5-year-old girl on a school bus says he has proof his client did not leave a slap mark the girl’s face.

Jazmyn Peters’ father took a picture of the mark after he picked her up from daycare a few weeks ago. Tavon Walters is charged with assault.

“Public and masses believe that this 17-year-old slapped this kid so hard, maliciously, violently, it left a mark on her face. I can see why they were so upset,” attorney Carl Grant said.

Still, Grant says his client is not the person responsible for the mark left on Peters’ face.

Grant believes the truth lies in statements from Jazmyn’s teachers. They say the girl told them a boy hit her on the bus, and then another child hit her at daycare. Grant says the school resource officer told him the mark did not come from the bus incident.

“That was the question, do you now concede that my client wasn’t the source of the injury to the child’s face that left the fingerprints? And the answer was yes,” Grant said.

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