Women come together to uplift community after Tyre King’s death

community meeting

COLUMBUS (WCMH) – The “Empowering Women & Girls: Community Conversation” meeting was planned before the death of 13-year-old Tyre King.

But, the women here today knew they had to do something to help heal and uplift the community.

“When a group of ladies come together, have meetings like this and we have to discuss one of our babies being killed it’s really hard, but it’s our reality,” says founder of State of the Community Jodi Howell.

The meeting is being hosted by State of the Community and The Diva Project.

“The Diva Movement is an empowerment organazation for women leaders and entrepreneurs. We help ordinary women live extraordinary lives by providing tools, resources and strategies for them,” says president of The Diva Movement Noni Banks. “We decided to do this community conversation and gather the women together, gather ideas, but more importantly to be women of action.”

Howell says the community has been hurting for a while and it’s time to start pushing forward.

“Some things we cannot prevent, so if we cannot prevent some things we’re going to find ways to heal and empower each other and make better decisions,” she says.

The women have decided to respond to Tyre King’s death in more ways than one.

They will hold a healing circle at the Driving Park library branch on October 10th, for mothers who have lost children to violence.

They will also be dispatching a trauma team out into the community to help offer counseling services to those who need it.

“We saw that there was a lot going on in the community. We just wanted to know what to do,” says Banks.

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