Dog shelter reports no new distemper-related euthanizations as of Sunday morning


COLUMBUS (WCMH)–The Franklin County Dog Shelter says there are 98 dogs at the shelter in isolation after an outbreak of canine distemper.

There have not been any distemper-related euthanizations in the past several days, the shelter said; 84 dogs have been euthanized since August 31 in connection with the outbreak.

The shelter said it euthanized 12 dogs on Friday night and 4 dogs on Saturday night for reasons unrelated to the outbreak. Of these dogs, 4 were from that isolation group.

Several dogs have been taken to rescue groups.

The shelter said on Friday that test results are beginning to come back from the University of Wisconsin. The university is partnering with the dog shelter to test all dogs for distemper. The results so far are all negative for canine distemper, but some of the dogs are sick with another respiratory infection, according to an update posted Saturday.

The shelter released an updated timeline on Friday, offering new details into when the three infected dogs arrived at the shelter and when they were diagnosed.

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