Black bear tries to check into hotel


ANCHORAGE, AK (WCMH/KTUU) — Hotel employees in Alaska had an unexpected guest on Thursday.

Eddie Parker, the manager of The Aviator Hotel in Anchorage, said he heard a commotion in the lobby. He went to check things out and that’s when he saw a black bear looking in the door.

“He looked into the doors of the two exits, then took off across the parking lot towards the pool,” Parker said. “He eventually made his way to 4th and A Street.”

While the bear may have startled everyone, he didn’t really pay any attention to the hotel guests or employees.

“He was pretty mellow, just minding his business,” Parker told KTUU. “A few people were unaware as he drew close to them… but it all turned out okay.”

The Alaska Department of Fish & Game said it found the bear in a spruce tree later that night. Biologist Corey Stantorf said the Fish & Game employees waited for the bear to come down from the tree before tranquilizing and relocating him. He estimated the bear weighed between 200 to 230 pounds.

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