Capital One employee surprises customer during a difficult time


GLEN ALLEN, VA (WCMH) — While most people dread interacting with customer service representatives at credit card companies, one Capital One employee is making headlines after going above and beyond to show kindness to a customer who was having a rough time.

Christina Grady was shopping for furniture when her credit card was shut down. When she called her credit card company, she spoke to Tonya at Capital One. Grady told Tonya that her engagement was recently called off and she was trying to find a new place to live.

“It was what she said and the way she said it,” Tonya explained to WTVR. “I just knew she needed a hug in that moment.”

Instead of a hug, Tonya sent flowers to Grady and gave her more than 4,000 miles to use for a vacation.

Grady took to Facebook to thank Tonya, whose employee ID is Tonya KKY905.

Grady also called Tonya to thank her and said she has a new perspective on life.

“I feel like it meant more to me that it made her so happy and it just perked her up. You know?” Tonya said. “And it just changed her whole attitude.”

Tonya said that she is the thankful one and that Grady has left a mark on her that will never go away.

Capital One employees say the credit card company encourages its workers to really connect with customers and go above and beyond the call of routine customer service. Tonya KKY905 certainly has lived up to that.

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