E-cigarette explodes in man’s pocket


AVONDALE, AZ (WCMH) — Add exploding batteries to the list of potential harm e-cigarettes can do.

A man in Avondale, Arizona says he was out shopping when something blew up in his pocket like a mini pocket pipe bomb.

“I was walking down the aisle and I could’ve sworn it was coming off the shelf,” Chris Tague said. “Something was blowing up off the shelf at me and when I looked, I was on fire.”

However, the source of the explosion wasn’t on the shelf; it was the battery of his e-cigarette in his pocket.

“Like a grenade going off in the store. I turn around, there’s this poof and my husband’s on fire,” said Patricia Baertich, Tague’s wife.

Although it may have been a small explosion, it certainly left a mark on Tague.

“His whole private area, this affects or whole life,” Baertich said. “His whole private area is burnt.”

“That’s where it hurts the most, right down below my waist,” Tague said. “I can’t describe the pain of what I’m feeling right now. It’s constant. It doesn’t go away. It burns and burns and burns.”

Tague says he didn’t see a warning label on the batter and had no idea this could happen. He hopes this incident can be a tale of caution to others.

“Please be careful. I mean, they can do more damage than just burn your body,” Tague said. “It can take your house, your car, and it could take your family.”

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