Tyre King hit three times by police gunfire, according to independent examination


COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Attorneys for the family of Tyre King say an independent examination reveals the 13 year old was hit three times by police bullets.

The examination found that King was just under five feet tall, weighed 95 pounds and was struck in the left temple, the left collarbone and the left flank.

Attorneys Sean Walton and Chandra Brown were hired to represent the King family and are conducting an independent investigation of the police involved shooting.

Police say King was involved in an armed robbery and fled from police when they responded to a 911 call. A foot chase ended when, police say, King pulled a BB gun from his waistband. Officer Bryan Mason fired multiple shots.

Another suspect in the armed robbery, Demetrius Braxton, waived his court appearance Monday morning. Braxton has said publicly that he and King participated in the armed robbery.

Various groups and faith leaders participated in a rally at Columbus City Hall Monday afternoon to protest the King shooting and issue a call to action against gun violence across the country.

Attorneys for the King family released the following statement Monday:

The family of 13-year-old police shooting victim Tyre King has asked for continued support as they seek answers in the death of their beloved child and has released the following statement through their attorneys Sean L. Walton and Chanda L. Brown:

Tyre was shot and killed by Columbus Police Officer Bryan Mason last Wednesday, September 14, 2016. Officers alleged they saw three individuals matching the description from a reported robbery and followed them into an alley. Although the version of events has yet to be confirmed by independent witnesses, the officers shot 13-year-old Tyre after he allegedly “reached for a gun.” He was pronounced dead at Nationwide Children’s Hospital at 8:22pm.

Tyre’s family was denied the opportunity to see Tyre at the hospital on the night of his death. The Franklin County Coroner’s Office has since completed its autopsy, but has told the family that those results will not be available for about six to eight weeks.

In search of answers, the family retained Francisco J. Diaz, MD, FCAP, who serves as a practicing medical examiner in the County of Wayne, Michigan, as a Consultant Forensic Pathologist. Dr. Diaz examined Tyre’s body in Columbus, Ohio on September 18, 2016 . Dr. Diaz was asked to evaluate the number, the physical characteristics and the location of any gunshot wounds Tyre suffered in his death.

Dr. Diaz determined that Tyre King suffered three gunshot wounds with entrance paths on the left side of his body, any of which could be determined to have been the cause of death. Tyre suffered a gunshot wound of entrance on the left temple that passed left to right and slightly downward and exited through the right temple. The entrance wound was above the left ear and the exit wound was in front of the right ear. Tyre also suffered a gunshot wound to the left collarbone area. Lastly, he suffered a gunshot wound to the left flank. There is an exit wound on the right flank.

Dr. Diaz notes: “Based on the location and the direction of the wound paths it is more likely than not that Tyre King was in the process of running away from the shooter or shooters when he suffered all three gunshot wounds.” Dr. Diaz describes Tyre as a “small-framed adolescent boy, standing 5’0” and weighing less than 100 lbs.”

Based on this new information and as more facts emerge, the family asks for the public to continue to withhold final judgment until all the facts are known and vetted. The Columbus Police Department, the City of Columbus and most importantly Tyre King and his family deserve the benefit of an investigation from a law enforcement agency that has no direct impact from the outcome of that investigation.

The family continues to request a full, thorough and independent investigation by an outside law enforcement agency and are requesting that the Columbus Police Department and the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office remove themselves from any involvement in the investigation.

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