Ashland killer connection reopens 2015 case

Shawn Grate, via Ashland County Sheriff's Office
Shawn Grate, via Ashland County Sheriff's Office

MANSFIELD, OH (WCMH) — Mansfield Police say they are investigating whether suspected serial killer Shawn Grate is involved in the death of Rebekah Leicy. Leicy’s body was found March 16, 2015, in a wooded area in the southern part of Ashland County. The cause of death was believed to be a drug overdose.

Mansfield Police Captain Shari Robertson said even though the Leicy case was closed, detectives always knew there was somebody else who knew something. “She obviously did not get to that location by herself,” Robertson said.”She had to be put there and so we knew that there were people or persons who had more information about this case.”

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Police say information provided by Grate and a second source led detectives to search a business address on Walnut Street where Grate was working at the time of Leicy’s disappearance. Mansfield detectives say they will continue to follow up on any additional information.

“We want to make sure that what we have found out, we can corroborate the things that we were told by not just Mr. Grate but the other source and we’re trying to piece that puzzle together,” Robertson said.”

Grate is suspected of abducting at least three women in Ashland and killing two of them. He is also suspected in a murder in Richland County and has confessed to a fourth in Marion County.

Captain Robertson says Mansfield police are not prepared to call the Leicy investigation a murder case.

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According to police, they are working with the Richland County Prosecutor’s Office and investigators in Ashland to determine if Grate is involved in Leicy’s death.

Anyone with information can contact the Major Crimes Detective Dave Scheurer at 419-755-9748.


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