Craigslist ad offers children for sale at elementary school


SUAMICO, Wis. (WBAY) – Parents in a Wisconsin neighborhood were on-guard Monday after a Craigslist ad offering children for sale at an elementary school.

A concerned parent called Forest Glen Elementary School around 11:30 Monday to let them know about a Craigslist ad. It was titled “Children For Sale- Forest Glen Elementary” and went on to say “Hundreds of kids to choose from. Pick and Run. Male or Female ages 5-9.”

According to a school email sent out to all parents, the school immediately consulted the Brown County Sheriff’s Office.

“We will take it and we will look into it,” said Sheriff’s Lt. Jim Valley. “It appears to be something that is not so serious and someone wants to play a joke, but sometimes you just don’t know what they are looking at. But our goal, the school and law enforcement, is to keep the children safe and take appropriate action.”

As a precaution, the school required all students who walk or bike home from school to be picked up or escorted by an adult, and parents who normally pick up their kids from school were asked to pick them up from the gym.

“I like that they took this precaution to have them inside instead of having them stand out here because sometimes there are kids waiting for their parents when they are late for whatever reason,” said Nicole Everson, daughter attends Forest Glen Elementary.

Everson said it’s a scary situation for any parents, but she completely trusts that the school and sheriff’s department will continue to keep the kids safe.

“I would go in there every day to pick her up if that is needed,” said Everson.

The Brown County Sheriff’s Office said they contacted Craigslist and the ad has been removed. They said even if they do find the person responsible, it could be difficult to prosecute them without knowing what their intentions were.

Here is the complete statement from Forest Glen Elementary:

September 19, 2016

Dear Forest Glen Families,

I am writing to notify you that we received a phone call from a parent at 11:30 a.m. today regarding a posting on Craigslist titled, “Children For Sale – Forest Glen Elementary,” that was concerning to us. Your children’s safety is our highest priority. We immediately consulted the Brown County Sheriff’s Department and they are investigating the situation.

Out of precaution we are requiring students who walk or bike home from school to be picked up or escorted home by an adult today. If your transportation home consists of pick-up, bus or day care transportation – this will continue as normal.

Today proceeded as a typical day. The only exception was that after we were notified of the posting we continued with indoor recess.

While we have no reason to believe student safety is at risk for dismissal today, we are proceeding with caution and will have parents pick up any students who are scheduled to walk or bike home from school.

We will follow-up with you if and when we learn more from the Sheriff’s Department.

Angie Sorenson

Forest Glen Principal

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