Family pulls 13-foot alligator out of river


SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCMH/WCIV) — A family’s first alligator hunting trip gave the more than they bargained for.

The Montei family was on the Ashley River in Summerville, South Carolina, when daughter Sarah spotted the monster. The gator measured in at 13 feet, 4 inches long and a whopping 604 pounds.

“Looking in the water and not being able to see the end of the tail, that was a little bit more weird because you don’t really know where the feet are,” Sarah told WCIV. “You don’t really know how long of a gator you’re dealing with.”

Taxidermist Kenneth Cordray said the gator was probably once longer.

“He’s missing part of his tail as well, so he’s well over 13 feet, 4 inches,” he said. “If he had that whole tail, he’d be close to 14.”

Cordray also said it’s unusual to find alligators this size in rivers. Most larger ones are found in lakes, and river gators are typically thinner.

Dad Mike Montei says it was an unforgettable experience.

“The taxidermist said it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” he said. “People hunt for years and never see an alligator like that.”

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