Girl’s remains found in pasture after being dumped months ago


MASONVILLE, TX (WCMH) — Authorities are searching national missing children databases after the body of a little girl was found in a container left for months in a Texas field.

According to the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, a farmer mowing grass found a container near a fence. Officers say they are treating the death as a homicide and that the container was probably left in the field several months ago.

Madison County residents are shocked.

“This is a good, friendly place,” said Jill Yeager, a Madisonville resident. “We all help our neighbors and do nice things for each other. It doesn’t seem like a violent place.”

Renee Bosly agrees. “For the most part, we are a good, down-to-earth, just little town that everybody seems to get along, and, you know, it’s just a really nice place to live,” she said.

Authorities say the little girl was 2 to 5 years of age and had hair over 12 inches long. Along with the body, investigators found a medical device that is commonly used in conjunction with a feeding tube.

Officials do not have any leads in the case yet, and Sheriff Travis Neeley thinks the girl was killed somewhere else before being dumped in the field.

“There is no local person of interest,” Neeley said. Officers also haven’t identified any other suspects in the case.

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