Summer 2016 ends….almost hot


Columbus (WCMH) – Sadly for some, happy for others, there is just one full day left of Summer.   It will be a Summer that will go down as warmer than normal, so it seems fitting that we end it on a warm note.


Autumn 2016 officially begins on Thursday, September 22 at 10:21am.


Normally we should only be in the mid 70s for highs this time of the year, so our highs in the upper 80s are impressive, but not unheard of.


Forecast highs next few days not far from records for the dates:

Note the first day of Autumn (Thursday) our forecast high is 89.   In 138 years of records in Columbus we have only hit 89 or higher 8 times on September 22nd (more data below the chart graphic)


Day Date Forecast #Times % hit Record
Tue 20th 88 12 9% 97
Wed 21st 88 12 9% 96
Thu 22nd 89 8 6% 95
Fri 23rd 86 15 11% 93
Sat 24th 80 37 27% 92
Sun 25th 74 70 51% 93
Mon 26th 77 53 38% 92
Tue 27th 75 61 44% 90

Notice below that for the next week high temps will remain above normal:



Even our morning lows will remain quite warm for the 3rd & 4th weeks of September:

It is possible for this time of the year for lows in the mornings to fall to near freezing.  In fact, the record low for Wednesday morning is one degree below freezing at 31



If you have questions about highs, normal temps, record temps, lows, or any other type of weather, send me an email


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