Forget the bouquets, bridal party poses with puppies


LANCASTER COUNTY, PA (WCMH) — A bridal party in Pennsylvania may be starting a trend when they had their pictures taken with adorable puppies.

“Definitely keep hearing, I’ve never heard of this, I wish I would have thought of this,” Caroline Logan told WGAL.

Logan photographed sisters Martha, Abigail, Dolley, Elizabeth, and Louisa. No, those aren’t the bridesmaids, those are the puppies. The bride, who works with multiple rescue organizations, is holding Biggie Smalls, a pitbull pup.

“It kind of took off, and 10,000 likes later, and thousands and thousands of comments of people tagging each other and their best friends,” Logan says.

When the litter of puppies was born just days before the wedding, the bride came up with the idea to bring the puppies to the bridal party as a way to raise awareness for rescue animals.

“The entire bridal party was able to focus on just loving on the puppies and interacting with them instead of being concerned about how do I pose, where do I stand, do I look ok?” Logan tells WGAL.

The puppies, which are named after the five first ladies, are all up for adoption.

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