Orphaned baby gorilla gets adopted by new mom


LOUISVILLE, KY (WCMH) — Kindi, the baby gorilla was orphaned after her mom died giving birth.

But another mama gorilla has stepped up to take care of Kindi.

According to WAVE, Kindi and her surrogate mother, Kweli, act like they’ve been together since her birth as they stroll about the enclosure with each other at the Louisville Zoo.

Human staffers had been working since March to take care of Kindi, putting her on their back, feeding her, taking over the maternal role.

Then, Kweli, a 32-year-old gorilla with three sons took over.

“When Kweli first picked Kindi up she walked over to her and she scooped her up and she held her and it was just the most natural thing ever it’s like there’s a mother gorilla with her baby,” says Zoo Asst. Mammal Curator Jill Katka told WAVE.

According to the zoo, it could be a while before visitors get to see Kweli and Kindi on a regular basis because the two still need more time to bond.

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