Wife from real “Fault in Our Stars” couple dies


FLEMINGSBURG, KY (WCMH) — Less than a week after he husband died from the same disease, Katie Prager died from complications from cystic fibrosis.

According to CNN, Katie died Thursday morning. She was 26-years-old.

“Early this morning, she gained her wish of being at home, in her bed, surrounded by her mom, dad, brother and her dogs, dying peacefully, away from the hospital, tubes, IVs,” her mother, Debra Donovan,posted on Facebook. “The days to follow will not be easy but I find comfort in knowing that my girl lived, she really lived.”

Katie’s husband Dalton died from the same disease Saturday, which garnered the couple worldwide recognition for being a real “Fault in Our Stars” couple.

Family members say Dalton was on Facetime with his wife, Katie, as he was dying, Saturday.

Katie had been unable to visit Dalton, because she was too sick in hospice at her Flemingsburg, Kentucky home since September 7.

“I think that if we had gotten the chance to write a book that it would have been a bestseller,” Katie said days before she died.

She even knew how their fairy tale would end.

“And they lived happily ever after,” Katie told CNN, “in each other’s arms for eternity.”

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