Aggressive raccoons cause home to be demolished for neighbors safety


NEW ORLEANS, LA (WDSU) Growing frustration over a raccoon infestation in one New Orleans neighborhood is now being alleviated.

Residents said the animals had taken over an abandoned house on Gravier Street and were becoming more aggressive in recent weeks.

They were thrilled Wednesday morning to see the overgrown house that had become known as the “raccoon house” being knocked down after repeated calls to the city.

“I was clapping, and I went over there and shook the man’s hand. I was so glad to see him pick it up,” said Elizabeth Taylor, who sat on her front porch watching the house across the street, abandoned after Hurricane Katrina.

Taylor said she was front and center for the demolition.

“I wasn’t intending on missing a thing. I saw the bulldozer come last night. I got on the phone and called my friend and told her they (are) about to tear it down,” she said.

As the house was being demolished, she said she saw raccoons scatter.

“I’m so glad that house is gone. Now maybe they can go somewhere else or we can catch a few more and get rid of them,” she said.

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