WATCH: Male rattlesnakes fight over lady snake for three hours

rattlesnake fight

RIO VERDE, AZ (WCMH) — Frightening video shows two male rattlesnakes fighting to impress a female snake in the backyard of an Arizona man’s home.

“They were fighting for like three hours, so for the first hour and a half I was like, what do I do?” Bryan Detwiler told CNN affiliate KNXV-TV.

The snakes kept bowing up, slithering, striking at and intertwining each other until wildlife experts arrived. Those wildlife experts say this is pretty typical for rattlesnakes heading into winter.

“They have to go out and get last meals, some of them mate, and they have to travel to the place where they’re going to be spending the winter,” Bryan Hughes of Rattlesnakes Solutions told KNXV-TV.

The snakes were safely removed from the man’s home. They will later be relocated to the desert.

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