Day care workers cited for ‘smack for a snack’ game

LEXINGTON, KY (WCMH) — One day care worker is facing second-degree assault charges after allegations of an abusive “game” the adult employees made children under their care play.

The Office of Inspector General tells WDKY-TV two male staff members made children play “smack for a snack.” The report says the only way children at the day care could get a yogurt was to allow the male staff members to hit them with a stick on either their leg or their hand.

Kentucky state officials say at least two students had visible bruising as a result of playing the “game.”

One of the staff members now faces second-degree assault charges.

During the investigation, state officials found other violations at the day care facility. In one report, officials found the building’s front window was shattered. A female staff member claimed that was the result of one child knocking another one into the window.

Investigators also found there was 27 children to every 1 staff member, and there was no “sign-in” or “sign out” sheet to keep track of students.

The day care is still open, WDKT-TV reports, but it is being closely monitored by state officials.

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