Robots enter the pizza-making business


MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA (KPIX/WCMH) — Mountain View residents may soon get an upgrade to their pizza.

A new pizzeria is taking a page out of Silicon Valley’s playbook and using robots to make pizzas and a truck to bake them on the way to their final destination. Zume Pizza cofounder Julia Collins hopes that the advanced robotics and high-tech computers will help make the process more efficient and less expensive.

“We have is (sic) robots and humans working collaboratively,” Collins told KPIX.  “We’re using the next generation of automation — highly intelligent, highly flexible robots — to actually facilitate the food preparation process.”

The truck is equipped with more than 50 ovens and a high-tech computer system, so the pizza will cook while they’re being delivered.

“Pizza ordering is incredibly predictable,” Collins said. “Most of our customers order according to a rather habitual sort of method. So, what we can do is use artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict what orders are going to be available for us to fulfill.”

Collins says the automation will make it faster and less expensive to make and deliver pizzas. In turn, the company can use that savings to invest in higher quality ingredients.

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