Student finds 400-year-old bible in college’s library


PORTLAND, OR (KGW) A Lewis & Clark college student has found a long-lost piece of the past. Inside a forgotten box, he found a centuries-old Bible.

You might not look twice if you saw the Bible on a shelf, but take the time to open it up and you’ll see it’s special.

“It’s an exciting feeling,” said Sam Bussan, a junior who works in the Lewis & Clark library as an archival assistant.

He found the more than 400-year-old Bible last week by chance.

“I was about to leave for the day,” Bussan said.

But a box caught his eye. He opened it and found a number of Bibles. One of them was printed in 1599. For Bussan, even holding the piece of history is a powerful feeling.

“It’s strange to say about a book … but it’s almost a religious experience or maybe the closest thing to a religious experience that I have as a not very religious person,” Bussan said.

The Bible he found is remarkable for many reasons.

“As far as I know, it was the first Bible that was really widely used by ordinary people,” said E.J. Carter, a librarian in the Special Collections department at the school.

Carter said he hopes the find gets more students interested in history and literature.

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