Bomb squad responding to ‘suspicious materials’ report in Newark

(Licking County Sheriff's Office)
(Licking County Sheriff's Office)

NEWARK, OH (WCMH) – The Columbus bomb squad joined Newark police and fire officials Wednesday afternoon after a report of suspicious materials.

Newark Police Chief Barry Connell said probation officers were making a home visit on South Westmoor Avenue at the apartment of Christopher Carson, a man arrested for rape Tuesday after he was found naked in a parking lot. There, they found hazardous materials that appeared suspicious.

Newark’s police and fire departments came out to look into what those materials were and whether they could be explosives. The state fire marshal and Columbus bomb squad also came out Wednesday.

Crews removed suspicious materials, including a substance police confirmed was black powder. Police plan on sending the materials to the BCI lab to run tests.

“Potentially precursors to explosives,” Connell said. “If you look at the chemistry of explosives, sometimes you have to put things together to make that, and these may be connected to that.”

Connell said a woman and child who were also living at that house were safely moved to another location.

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