First frost for most this week


Columbus (WCMH) – This appears to be the week for many of us… the first frost of the season.   Yes, there are some that saw their first frost Monday morning, but if you did not, your chance is coming.


Tomorrow will be a very warm day ahead of our next cold front that will arrive tomorrow night.  However, early Thursday morning the cold front arrives, and as skies clear, winds calm Thursday night, temps will plummet.

For the record, in 2015, we had our first temps near freezing in Central Ohio on October 15th, with our first Frost Advisory area-wide on the 16th.  So we are right on track with last year, and about 2 weeks ahead of 2014.


Here is a look at forecast low temps for Friday morning:



It is important to note, just because the air temperature is forecast to fall into the mid 30s, it is still possible to see patchy frost, especially in protected areas.


This will serve as your far out heads up to get any protected plants protected for early Friday morning.   It is possible/likely that frost advisories will be issued on Thursday for Thursday night/Friday morning.



If you have any questions about frost, freeze, cold temps, or really any weather, send them my way:


Also, do not forget if you get any good weather pictures, or any good frost pictures, to share them with us, you can send them to my email,, use our Storm Team 4 Weather app, or share them on my social media accounts (@davidnbc4) and use the #cbusweathernerd



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