Blind mom sues after school district refuses to transport her kids because of ‘walk zone’


ATLANTA, GA (WXIA) An Atlanta mom is suing Atlanta Public Schools over their refusal to provide transportation to get her kids to school.

Daffanie Todd is legally blind and says her children are too young to walk alone.

The family lives within Continental Colony Elementary School’s “walk zone” of 1.5 mile distance from the school. That means students in the zone are not provided transportation unless they have a disability that would hinder them from walking.

In her suit, the single mom accuses the school system of violating the Americans with Disabilities Act. APS holds the Americans with Disabilities Act does not extend to the children of people with disabilities.

“These kids are new to this neighborhood and the school has made it to where they can’t get to school,” said Craig Goodmark with Atlanta Legal Aid.

Lawyers for APS said her request would set a harmful precedent.

“It would cause incredible harm and disruption to APS if it were required to provide transportation services to non-disabled students of all disabled parents that live within walk-zones throughout APS,” the suit said.



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