Dream comes true as boy with brain disease scores a touchdown


KENTON COUNTY, KY (WCMH) — For 7-year-old Bryce Snider, crossing that goal line for a touchdown was a moment he’s been waiting for his whole life.

According to WLWT, Bryce was born with schizencephaly, a rare brain disorder that was caused by a stroke in utero. He is completely immobile, and has no use of his extremities.

“Our goal was to try and give the family and Bryce a memory that they are going to be able to cherish forever,” John Bennett, Taylor Mill’s football director, said.

And Bryce got just that when he scored a touchdown for the Taylor Mill Eagles Sunday afternoon.

Bryce’s brother Braylen, also plays for the team, and the plan to let him score a touchdown has been in the works since early in the season.

So Sunday, sitting in his wheelchair, Bryce was pushed over that goal line by his brother.

“Braylen was so proud to be able to be the one to push him over the goal line, and for him to be the one to help him get to this point,” Bryce’s mother, Nicole Timmerding, told WLWT.

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