Hurricane Nicole passes Bermuda… still a strong hurricane


Columbus (WCMH) – Yup… we are still in Hurricane season, and Hurricane Matthew’s little sister Nicole continues to churn in the Atlantic.   This storm is starting to weaken as it races off towards the northeast.


Here is the current track for Hurricane Nicole:



This was the satellite shot from Wednesday evening when Nicole was reaching her peak intensity:



Here is the satellite shot from when Nicole neared the nation of Bermuda.   It was only the 2nd storm ever at this strength to get this close to Bermuda (Hurricane 5 in 1939 was the other):



Currently the storm is weakening a bit… but officially we have had more days in 2016 with a major hurricane in the Atlantic than we did in 2012-2015 combined:



Almost 2 straight weeks now of Hurricanes in the Atlantic:

Staring with Matthew 2 weeks ago today, we have had a hurricane in the Atlantic every day except Monday this week, when Nicole was only a Tropical Storm.   Nicole got stronger on Tuesday and became a hurricane later in the day.



If you have any questions about the tropics, hurricanes, or any other weather, you can always send me an email:



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