Near record heat today, more records within reach

Columbus (WCMH) – What a start to the work week, for the 2nd day in a row we had temps in the 80s and that streak will continue.   Today we topped at 82 degrees, just one degree shy of the record for the date.

Near record warm start to this week will be spoiled by a big cool down by the weekend:



High temps this week will start in the low to mid 80s, but as you can see from the chart above, highs will struggle to get to near 60 by the end of the week and weekend.   That does not mean we can’t break a few records before the week is over.

The normal highs start at 65 today (Monday) and drop to 62 by the early part of next week, so between today and next Monday we will be at or above normal 75% of the time.



  • Monday Record High: 83    (actual high 82) ….  almost
  • Tuesday Record Warmest Low:  65  (forecast is 66)
  • Tuesday Record High: 83   (forecast high 84)
  • Wednesday Record Warmest Low: 63  (forecast is 63, tie)


If you ever have questions about heat, high temps, record temps, cold temps, or any other type of weather, send me an email at


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