Brace yourselves: Caramel M&Ms are coming

Photo credit: WLWT
Photo credit: WLWT

MCLEAN, VA (WLWT/WCMH) — Caramel lovers rejoice! M&Ms has announced that a caramel variety will hit shelves in May 2017.

But wait…the news gets even better: Caramel will be a permanent addition to the M&Ms lineup, not just a limited-edition flavor. The candies will be a little bigger than the original variety, with a soft chewy center.

While it may seem like a no-brainer, this flavor combination actually turned out to be an impressive feat of candy engineering. According to CNN Money, the process took years to perfect. Because the candy had never been filled with such a soft center, engineers had to figure out a way to keep the chocolate at the right consistency. If they didn’t, the candy would collapse or melt.

The new candy will be made in a brand new plant in Topeka, Kansas. WLWT reports that the process of mass producing the candies will take a while, so that’s why they won’t be on sale until the spring.

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