High school athletes’ feminist message goes viral


PORTLAND, OR (WCMH) — Six high school athletes are changing the conversation about so-called “locker room banter.”

The athletes from Centennial High School donned shirts that said “Wild Feminist” and took a picture in their locker room with the caption “Sexual Assault is not locker room banter. #wildfeminist #reptheC.” Now, that photo is going viral.

“A lot of the freshman are like ‘Woah, I can’t believe you guys are doing this!’” said senior Alex Zepeda. “I don’t know what would be so wrong for us trying to tell others that women deserve the same rights as men and shouldn’t be treated differently.”

The six high schoolers wanted to show what really goes on inside of locker rooms following the circulation of lewd comments made by Donald Trump.

“We really talk about sports and grades,” Zepeda said. “Our teachers and coaches really get in our heads about that. They want us to succeed and go to colleges.”

The high schoolers aren’t the only athletes taking a stand for feminism. Olympic fencer Miles Chamley-Watson and Portland Timbers defender Zarek Valentine also took to social media, wearing the same shirts with the caption “Sexual Assault is not locker room banter.”


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