Meyer previews PSU matchup, Indians’ trip to World Series

OSU head coach speaks Wednesday night
OSU head coach speaks Wednesday night

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Forgive the Buckeyes’ head coach if he seemed a little distracted Wednesday night. While the Buckeyes were preparing for their trip to Penn State Saturday, the Indians were attempting to finish off the ALCS. When he met with reporters following practice, the game was in the 9th inning and the Tribe leading 3-0.

“I said there’s two types of people in this world. Those from Cleveland and those who wish they were.” Meyer said about his lifelong fan support for the Indians. Moments after Meyer spoke with reporters the team gathered to watch the final out of the game.

With that business out of the way, the Bucks can now full focus on the Nittany Lions and their talented RB, Saquon Barkley. In their match-up a year ago in Columbus, Barkley ran for 194 yards on 26 carries and gave the OSU defense fits. He averages about 97 yards per game this season.

“You can have everything locked down and they create plays… that’s what makes great players great.”  Meyer said, speaking of Barkley’s talent.

Meyer says linebacker Dante Booker will return this week for OSU, an important addition for depth at that position. Booker started the opening game of the season against Bowling Green but was lost with a knee sprain. Jerome Baker has played well in Booker’s absence and is expected to continue as the starter for now.

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