Story of Hope: A survivor talks about her breast cancer journey


COLUMBUS (WCMH) — For someone that has never had cancer it might be a surprise to hear that a diagnosis doesn’t really stop after treatment.

In many ways beating the disease is just the start of the battle, starting a life after cancer can be just as difficult.  According to Ashlee Hunt a two time breast cancer survivor one of the big challenges is dealing with the fear that the cancer might come back. “Right now it’s every day on my mind and I’m hoping that it won’t consume my life because I want to move past. Cancer has affected me, but I’m more than cancer.”

Ashlee has been very open about her battles and is now sharing her journey beyond treatment. In fact she has started a website sharing information about starting a family after cancer something she and husband Nathan are currently pursuing through surrogacy

“That’s one thing but a lot of people don’t realize; that after cancer at such a young age that you can’t have children because of continue treatment.”

Ashlee hopes that the website will help others in a similar situation. To follow Ashlee’s journey visit

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