Cleveland man gives up plane ticket for Kenny Lofton, gets free World Series tickets

CLEVELAND, OH (WCMH) – A Cleveland man gave up his seat on a plane so that Kenny Lofton would make it to Game 1 of the World Series in time to throw the first pitch.

Now, the Indians are making it worth his while.

Cleveland Scene reported that Indians legend Kenny Lofton was in standby status on an overbooked plane from L.A. to Cleveland. A man named Ken Kostal gave Lofton his ticket and seat so that Lofton would make it to Cleveland.

The Indians announced Tuesday afternoon that Kostal will be given two tickets to game six of the World Series as a thank you for helping Lofton out. In addition, United Airlines is giving Kostal 62,200 airline miles for use on a future flight. The number represents Lofton’s 622 career stolen bases.

No word on what will happen if there is no Game 6.

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