Halloween weather in Central Ohio

Columbus (WCMH) – Typically at the end of October, temps are starting to get a bit cooler, normal highs are near 60, lows are near 41.  Since records began in 1878, we have seen temps as cool as 20 on Halloween, and as warm as 83.


We have had snow 8 times on Halloween, 75% of the time it was only a dusting:



We have had measurable rainfall 52 times, and a trace of rainfall 11 times.  The heaviest rains were more than 1″



The warmest temp we have hit was 83, and we only hit the 80s twice, 18 times in the 70s



The coldest temp on Halloween was 20, the coldest high temp was only 38 (1906)



This Halloween is going to fall in the above normal range as highs will be in the mid to upper 60s… and DRY!!!!



If you ever have questions about highs, lows, snow, rain, or Halloween, you can always email me: dmazza@wcmh.com
Also, if you have great pics from Trick or Treating, share them with me!


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