Runner with autism shoved to the ground during cross-country race


ROCHESTER, NY (WHEC) — Police in Rochester, New York are investigating an attack on an austic high school student during a cross-country race.

15-year-old Chase Coleman, who is non-verbal, was running in the race on October 14.

“He’s going around the reservoir and was taking a little longer than usual, so I just started calling his name, saying ‘keep going Chase, keep going.’ And I said, ‘He’s taking longer than he usually takes’ and as I started walking, a young lady came up to me and asked, ‘Are you looking for one of your runners?'” his mother, Clarice Coleman, recalls.

The woman told her she had just witnessed a teen get thrown to the ground after he was standing in the road, by a man who got out of a car that was trying to get by him.

“I know that Chase was looking for guidance, he was looking for help,” says Clarise. “Ok, this guy’s going help me because right now I’m not sure what I’m getting ready to do and that’s not what he got unfortunately.”

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